Art Classes For Adults
In Orange County, CA.

Artventure’s adult fine art classes are designed for artists of all skill levels to foster and develop artistic skills through creativity and expert instruction. Adult students will learn fundamental and advanced techniques at their own pace, allowing anyone to create beautiful works of art regardless of their previous experience or level of natural talent.

With this proven comprehensive approach, we enable adult artists to achieve a profound mastery of fine art, regardless of their previous experience or natural talent. 

Adult Fine Art Classes



Artventure’s Adult Fine Art Program, immersed in the lively arts scene of Orange County, California, is committed to bringing together adult artists with a broad spectrum of artistic skills. Our classes, designed for individuals from beginner to advanced levels, offer a structured path in developing sophisticated fine art techniques coupled with a deep appreciation for artistic principles, perfect for enhancing the talents of adult learners.

Participants will begin their journey with the basics of drawing, progressing through a range of techniques from simple sketches to advanced graphite pencil applications. As they develop their foundational skills, they’ll delve into diverse disciplines such as oil painting, watercolor, and acrylics, starting with initial brush strokes and advancing to sophisticated color mixing and blending techniques. Our curriculum is enriched with specialized content, including anatomical illustrations for artists, realistic and 3D sketching, and dynamic poses derived from instructional guides, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive development of artistic skills.

This adult-focused program in Orange County serves as an ideal platform for artists to refine their skills, expand their artistic capabilities, and prepare for professional or personal artistic endeavors.

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Here's what some of our students have to say

“I can truly say that Artventure is one of my favorite places to be. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable What I love best is that the classes are structured so that you can start at your own personal skill level while having classmates at various skill levels.​This is a great learning tool for beginners as well as an advanced artist. It also builds a great community. I am also able to pick my subject matter while I continue to learn about my choice of medium. It is the perfect balance and provides me with the opportunity to develop my skills as an artist. I look forward to my class each week.”

– Tricia M.

“I have been taking lessons from Carley off and on for 4 years. She is an amazing teacher and allows her students the freedom to choose the medium and subject matter for their projects – after she teaches them to draw! She is encouraging and helpful and gently pushes us to have fun and let go!

– Sue H.