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Art Classes For Adults

Artventure’s adult art classes are designed for artists of all skill levels to learn the tools needed to become fine artists. With our proven teaching methods, Adult students will learn fundamental and advanced techniques at their own pace, allowing anyone to create beautiful works of art regardless of their previous experience or level of natural talent.

Our master instructors provide highly individualized instruction that will lay the foundation for you to become a confident fine artist. It’s never too late to learn how to draw and paint. Adult artist students will learn core drawing and painting skills, including:

Adult art class curriculum is customized to your skill level:

  • Beginning drawing
  • Sketching realistic & 3D techniques
  • Figure drawing
  • Oil painting basics
  • Oil painting techniques
  • Watercolor skills
  • Perspective
  • Animal anatomy
  • Portraiture
  • Acrylic painting
  • Plein aire painting workshops
  • Figure drawing workshops
  • Animal drawing workshops

Meet your instructor,

Carley Corbin is a Southern California based artist who specializes in drawing and painting portraits. She has been working as a professional artist and art instructor for over twenty years. She currently resides in Orange county with her husband and daughter.

Here's what some of our adult art students have to say

“I can truly say that Artventure is one of my favorite places to be. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable What I love best is that the classes are structured so that you can start at your own personal skill level while having classmates at various skill levels.​ This is a great learning tool for beginners as well as an advanced artist. It also builds a great community. I am also able to pick my subject matter while I continue to learn about my choice of medium. It is the perfect balance and provides me with the opportunity to develop my skills as an artist. I look forward to my class each week.”

– Tricia M.

“I have been taking lessons from Carley off and on for 4 years. She is an amazing teacher and allows her students the freedom to choose the medium and subject matter for their projects – after she teaches them to draw! She is encouraging and helpful and gently pushes us to have fun and let go!

She is super sweet and very respectful of our work – allowing us the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them or stepping in to make a change if we ask her to. She did an amazing painting of my husband and baby son from a photo I gave her. Beautiful! She is a very talented artist in addition to being a great teacher!”

– Sue H.