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Sophia S. is a truly talented artist in her own right. We are so happy to announce after all her hard work and many hours drawing and painting she won the Golden Key Award in drawing and illustration for ‘Excellence in Art’. This image is a rendering of her grandmother with a gaze that makes you pause. I am so proud of you Sophia, well done! You are so deserving and worthy of this and many more awards!


Wow, this year has been amazing for our artists! I am so excited to finally announce the winners of this year’s National PTA Reflections Contest. The theme this year was “Look Within”. So they had to be brave, dig deep, and look inside themselves for something meaningful.

In the visual arts category, we have the following winners:
On the local level
Lauren Sunkin first prize! and award of excellence at the district level!
Jessie L. first prize!
Lacey C. second prize!
Aurianna H. first prize!
Luca R. first prize……. and Luca R. also won first prize for the district level!

Congrats to all our fabulous winners! It is so encouraging for these students to gain the recognition they deserve for all their hard work and creativity. I am so proud of these kids and honored to continue teaching and mentoring them. #gratitude


This post is long overdue! The FOA Junior Art Exhibition was this summer 2019! A select group of amazing young artists were juried into this exhibition from the 1000 Pieces of Art.  4 of our young students were presented with this honor!! (Lucia, Shiloh, Mindy, and Victoria!) I was so excited considering this was our first year participating. I’m constantly in awe of these creative and brave students. Congratulations to these few that were chosen from the top young artist in Orange County!!


Presented by Arts Orange County and Orange County Department of Education and Imagination Celebration at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. The artwork will be on display until May 19. The visual arts are an important part of the Imagination Celebration. This exciting exhibition showcases student artwork juried by the county’s top art educators and professional artists! 1,000 Pieces of Art is an exceptional display of student artwork chosen from over 4,000 entries from private and public schools, grades pre-kindergarten through high school. These works of art, created by some of the most gifted young people in the Orange County, include drawings, paintings, pastels, prints, mixed media in addition to photography and digital works created entirely on the computer.

Our very own Artventure winners are………..

Max J. Lady Traditional 2D 8th Grade
Jessie L. Moonlight Walk AND Love of the World Traditional 2D 2nd Grade
Athena V. Dutch, the Tiger, AND DJ Wolf Traditional 2D 3rd Grade
Ava R. Paradise Traditional 2D 8th Grade
Sophia L. Soaring through the Air Traditional 2D 2nd Grade
Shiloh G. Keep Going Traditional 2D 5th Grade
Lucia C. First Touch AND Still Life Traditional 2D 9th Grade Grade
Mindy L. Pets in Space Traditional 2D 2nd Grade
Victoria M. Fall Reflections Traditional 2D 2nd Grade
Sophie B. Pichu Friendship AND Pikachu’s Fun Day Traditional 2D 2nd Grade
Vivian L. Frolicking in the Clouds Traditional 2D 2nd Grade
Savannah W. Happy Dolphin AND Snake in the Desert Traditional 2D 1st Grade



The 2019 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest was an amazing success, with more than 1,100 entries from students around the United States. Thank you to everyone who entered!

A panel of judges made up of educators and art instructors recently undertook the very difficult process of narrowing all of the entries down to just 40 entries (10 for each grade category). These semi-finalist entries below are from our very own students!

Please support the endangered species coalition and Celebrate Endangered Species Day on May 17th!:

Congrats to Lauren S.

Semifinalist for 3rd-5th Grades

Congrats to Ava R.

Semifinalist for 6th-8th Grades