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Orange County
Afterschool Program.

We bring our classes to your campus!

Transform your school into a vibrant hub of creativity with Artventure’s specialized art classes! We aim to enhance your campus’ educational offerings and ignite the students’ imagination. Let us bring the magic of art to your school with our unique curriculum to inspire young minds and enrich their educational journey.

Now serving schools in Laguna Beach
Unified School District:

El Morro Elementary | Top of the World Elementary

Our Fine Art Class Offerings

Needle Felting

Through needle felting, students develop creativity and fine motor skills by shaping wool fibers with specialized needles. This tactile craft fosters attention to detail and spatial awareness. As kids explore this hands-on activity, they step away from screens, awakening their imagination and building patience, ultimately finding satisfaction in bringing their unique creations to life.

Beginning Drawing

In beginning drawing, students will learn fundamental skills and have a blast exploring their creativity in bringing their imaginations to life on paper! Drawing enhances cognitive functions such as concentration, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning. Through guided exercises,
students will improve hand-eye coordination, observational skills, and a sense of proportion and perspective.


Explore the captivating world of watercolor painting! In our watercolor class, students will discover the unique properties of this versatile medium and learn techniques to create stunning works of art. From mastering the art of washes and glazes to experimenting with color mixing and layering, students will develop essential skills to gain confidence in creating beautiful art.

About Us

Located in the heart of Aliso Viejo, CA, Artventure is a 2,000 sq. ft. collaborative space to learn and share the arts. Outfitted with top-of-the-line materials and ample workspace for all students, Artventure is where the community can come together.

Students of all ages and skill levels can work, learn, and grow. Artventure offers classes in drawing, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, sketching, oil painting, and traditional animation.
The studio is the perfect place to develop and prep portfolios for middle and high school students with an eye toward art school.

Artventure’s students are active in the local art community, featured in local juriedart exhibitions and art festivals. In addition, their artwork is displayed in spaces throughout Orange County, including John Wayne Airport, the Norman P. Murray Center, Pageant of the Masters Junior Art Exhibition, Orange County’s exhibition “1,000 Pieces of Art”, and local galleries.

Whether art is a hobby or a future career path, the goal of Artventure
is to make every student say, “I just love being here!”

Ready To Bring Fine Arts To Your School?

Learn more about Artventure’s Afterschool Arts Program and
how we can bring the magic of art to your school.